We often hear the horror stories of bad service and surly counter and phone reps at dealers, but I recently had 2 great interactions with dealers in Ohio and Massachusetts.

While returning from a meeting in Columbus, OH, I stopped by Ohio Motorcycle in Hilliard, OH. I had a list of parts I needed for my '83 R65. I didn't get the name of the gentleman running the parts counter, but he was quite patient, getting me the parts I needed and if he didn't have them, he got them ordered for me. Above and beyond, I needed a couple of NLA bulb sockets. He didn't have them, but he searched his links and found that Dunbar Euro-Sports in Brockton, MA had a few in stock. He gave me their number, and I contacted them. The lady who answered the phone verified that they had them and shipped them out that day.

Thanks to both of these dealers. I know where I will shop for parts (and maybe that F800GT on the floor at Ohio!).