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Thread: I think I can count, but...

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    Question I think I can count, but...

    7/18 @ 2100, 42 members were shown online, but the name count was 38. What up with that? Are there "stealth" login members like moderators? Stupid question, but addled minds want to know (at least for now)... <<<)))
    P.S. just after posting, it was 41 vs 37. Is there a "hidden" 4?
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    Don't forget guests. They don't count in the names.

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    Stealth mode

    I remember "Use Invisible Mode" from the User Control Panel:
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    Lightbulb Ah HA

    > Brad, I can safely ignore Guests, as they do not count.
    > I believe Gene has it spot on, Stealth Mode IS an option & therefore a validation of the discrepancy. TNX <<<)))

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    Why would anyone want to use stealth mode? I mean c'mon how paranoid can you be?
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