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Now, the best part: Free advice; [if you can] always challenge a radar/laser/timing devise ticket in court. The best you do is find out some tech guy forgot to sign the service log book, or the officer didnÔÇÖt receive proper and timely training, or doesn't show up for court, case dismissed. The worst is you pay the fine anyway. So much room in between for a lesser penalty though because you took the time.
Good advice. I used to travel the state on business back in the bad old 55mph days and I managed to collect awards on a fairly regular basis. I ALWAYS gave them the opportunity to prove their case in court. I'd start with a motion to dismiss because the officer who signed the ticket had not been properly sworn in beforehand. That actually worked a few times. Once a prosecutor re-filed it and that time I was able to plead it down to a lesser speed (fewer points). My usual method was to find the officer and/or prosecutor before court started and whine about how I had to travel and about insurance rates and that always resulted in at least a reduction. Twice it resulted in an outright dismissal.

If you see me at the rally ask about the time the judge threatened me with a contempt charge over a speeding ticket.

(somewhat reformed)