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Thread: Taking the plunge on a '14 RT

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    Taking the plunge on a '14 RT

    Ok, it's all set. I sold my Guzzi and I'm buying an ebony/metallic 2014 RT! The suspension fix should be done by the end of September, so I should have it by then. I've owned many motorcycles over a 34 year riding career, and after straying from BMW for a few years, (I kept my MOA membership) I decided that I wanted to come back to the best. The boxer motor and fit and finish of BMW's is undeniable. I also have been a rally rat for many years, meeting the nicest and most diverse people riding BMW's. It feels great to be back! My dealer is only a few miles down the road and the people there are genuinely nice to me, making my visits there very assuring. I hope to be talking to many of you here and meeting you at rallies.

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    .... a complete man again! Welcome back; and you've arrived in style making some quite envious with that two wheeled instrument. Is it a new one or are you one of the 1st, in either category to purchase a 14' buy back? ... Expecting you struck a nice deal either way.

    Hope to see you "out west" in 15'

    Congrats again....

    "travel'n" john.....Cincinat-eye ( i ....not e )
    13' RT

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    Quote Originally Posted by KyleTurner View Post
    Ok, it's all set. I sold my Guzzi and I'm buying an ebony/metallic 2014 RT!
    I'm jealous ! I sat on a new Black RT in the Dealership (rear shock missing) and love it. Just wish I could afford one !
    Congrats on a great bike.

    The early bird might get the worm, but the second mouse gets the cheese.

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    Congrats on the new bike and THANKS for being a member!
    Chuck Manley #12106
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    Congrats and nice choice on the color.

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    RTW kick butt, you will love.
    My 14 RTW sits patiently in the garage for you know what !
    Peter Murray
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