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Thread: Is Tomtom back in the motorcycle GPS business?

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    Is Tomtom back in the motorcycle GPS business?

    This has been for sale in Europe for months at least. Now it shows up on Tomtom's USA web site. Although it is not in the online stores, it seems to be available directly from Tomtom.

    It's cheaper than Garmin's latest and the "winding roads" plotting option intrigues me.
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    Interesting, thanks for sharing...

    I hope that it is a really great GPS, competition amongst manufacturers means better products for us.
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    I'd looked for that recently but can't figure out what's going on. At places I see references to a Tom Tom Rider 2, but Amazon, Best Buy, etc. either don't list it or list it as out of stock.

    I just this morning got an email reminding me once again why I hate Garmin. I installed Base Camp on the Macbook Air I use when I travel and purchased the map set. I put Garmin Express on it and would go through the hours long map download process but it would only install them on the Zumo, not the computer. So I wrote this up on a support request to Garmin. Their answer back was, "Install Garmin Express and run it." My reply was, "Please have someone else re-read the help request I submitted."

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    Garmin's tech support is horrible and is why I no longer own any Garmin products, and never will.

    Tom Tom is my current favorite. I'm using 3 Tom Toms, all cost under 100$. The one on my bike is not waterproof, but I put it away in the rain. For under 100, I'm extremely pleased with it.

    This looks like a nice unit, but at 399, still more than I'm willing to pay.
    GPS is becoming a disposable item now. Not like the first Magellan I bought at $1400!
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    Question GPS and Sena SMH10 Pairing

    Does anyone have non-Zumo models GPS recommendations that will pair up with the Sena SMH10 so as to receive turn-by-turn directions and phone calls?

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    Probably not what you have in mind, but I'm satisfied using my Galaxy S2 smartphone(android). I use the CoPilot Live app with on-phone map storage ($10 on sale). Not perfect but adequate for my needs.
    Power usage is the biggest drawback - having the display screen, GPS , Bluetooth and mp3 player on continually will drain the battery after about 5 hours, even with the power cord connected. It keeps working, but when you get off the bike, your phone is dead. I usually do not need to see the screen; if I put CoPilot in the background with the music app in the foreground, the screen can go to sleep, I still hear the turn by turn, and the phone charges OK. I use a RAM mount for the phone, it goes into the tank bag in the rain or on gravel roads. The phone works great with the SMH10. Phone calls sound better than using the phone alone - on both ends of the call.

    I prefer to plan my routes with a paper map and keep a simple list of the route number changes in my tank bag map pocket. I find turn-by-turn annoying. I can follow route signs, I usually do not need to know every twist and turn as a route goes through town.
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