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Thread: Hey, where are the Idaho riders?

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    Quote Originally Posted by RocksforBrains View Post
    Hi Steve!

    Welcome to Idaho. Big Twin is a great dealership and the folks that work there are really nice. I bring my bike for service there and also stop by to drool on the K 1600GT! There are quite a few BMW riders and also a local BMW club that is pretty active. The riding north of Boise is spectacular (hwy 21 from Lowman to Stanley is magnificent).

    When I stop by Big Twin later this summer I will be sure to say hi!



    Kurt, looking forward to meeting you. We're buying a place up in Middleton and are very anxious to get the move done and get out there. Thank you for the warm welcome!
    Steve Marquardt, 2004 R1150RT

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    SALEM too:)

    Don't forget the Salem Rally in July. We too are moving to Boise, maybe a year from now. Wife has Masters IT Schooling many years ago and has work there in the Boise hospitals. I retire. She will be there in a few weeks working. Beemer riders here for 40+ years. California still a great place to ride and see, JUST do not live here if you like your money kept in your pocket!!! State is robbing us. We are ranch property owners here and need land of same in Boise area, horses and so on have to move with us. Think your DOGS are a match? I have pets too, just a few very large ones. Wish you the best from Conn., to the West. You'll love it out here. I came from Virginia 35 years ago, California was picked and now time for another. Look forward to being there myself and have ridden most all of it thru the years, not so far from CAL.. Randy

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    More to ID Than Boise

    I know this post is late but wanted to join others in ID with a welcome Steve. I'm up in Central ID (God's country), with many other BMW riders, our unofficial group: Heartland Moto Locos BMW riders. We live from McCall and Cambridge at the south to Grangeville in the north. I provide local service for a variety of BMWs. Most of our folks also frequent Big Twin so I'm sure we'll be crossing paths. If you're up our way, check the anonymous book under Pollock, ID. Ride easy and we hope to see you this spring.
    Gary Phillips - #6322
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