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Thread: Potential C650GT buyer

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    Potential C650GT buyer

    New member. Used to own a K75S, then a Hawk GT, then moved to a Vespa GTS250.
    Now considering going back to a "real" bike (used R1150RT for example) for my commute, but the C650GT seems to tick the right boxes.
    My concerns with buying one:
    • its new and reliability unproven
    • not a "real" BMW engine
    • CVT. I dont mind shifting frankly
    • It may depreciate more than comparable BMW bikes
    • For the same price, I could get a nice used R1200RT
    • No dealers I've checked have demos available


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    Please fill in your profile so we know where you live.
    If you happen to live near Iowa City, Iowa, Gina's BMW has a demo.
    Welcome to the site.
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    ÔÇóits new and reliability unproven
    Someone had to be first, I don't mind being the first, at least with a bike, where it is an alternate source of transportation for me.
    ÔÇónot a "real" BMW engine
    Bothers me too, a little, but decided "screw it", if it works for BMW it works for me.
    ÔÇóCVT. I dont mind shifting frankly
    This is how scooters are done, would be kind of tough to do a step-through without it. Although maybe in the past they used to get around it somehow, but CVT's seem to be quite reliable.
    ÔÇóIt may depreciate more than comparable BMW bikes
    I'm not one who usually lets these things bother me too much, I buy what moves me, not so much of a bean-counter and agonizing over the resale value.
    ÔÇóFor the same price, I could get a nice used R1200RT
    BUT does it "check all the boxes"?
    ÔÇóNo dealers I've checked have demos available
    Yes a location would help, I know Mischlers has a demo as well, in Beaver Dam WI, although a bit too cold and icy lately to try it.
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    Cool Since your asking for thoughts

    I think you should get the r1200rt.
    * reliability is pretty much proven.
    * It's a real BMW engine.
    * You can actually change gears.
    * Depreciation is pretty much known on most existing models.
    * You are right; the scooter ain't cheap.
    * Plenty of them around.

    Just my thoughts.

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    Thanks guys. I am in the SF Bay Area.
    SJ BMW has demos of the GT. I also found that Dubbleju in SF rents them.

    Still on the fence - there are a lot of things I like about a scooter and the C may straddle the line just enough to tick all the boxes.
    RT is a strong contender too.

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    Test rode one today (thanks SJBMW).
    • good wind protection
    • comfy seat
    • love the two positions for the feet, definitely will aid with long distance comfort
    • plenty of power and awesome sound
    • handles well
    • hazard switch handy for lanesplitting

    • vibrates more than I expected, felt it in the bars and noticed it in the mirrors
    • windshield is not tall enough to direct all the air over me and I'm only 5'10"
    • I keep wondering when it's going to upshift based on the sound
    • horn is super wimpy
    • BMWs are supposed to have left and right turn signal switches, not a central one
    • price
    • black color not in stock

    Giving it serious thought.

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