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Thread: Tinnitus anyone?

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    Quote Originally Posted by 26667 View Post

    EXACTLY! Mine got the point that I couldn't ignore it and always heard it. The funny part was that it really wasn't keeping me awake at night and they expected to me to say yes. My magic is provided by Phonak. I think my insurance gets a big discount from Phonak because they told me that they did not cover hearing aids (unless as result of injury or a short list of other things) but yet my cost was roughly half of what I could find anywhere else. Factor in the free follow up visits and they were a deal.
    +1 on the Phonak's. The adjust-ability is great!
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    Quote Originally Posted by jrbelknap View Post
    Yeah, the magnum revolvers certainly didn't help mine. Had both a 357 and 44, and yes that 44 had everyone on the line flinching . I remember once we were shooting in a gully outside Black hawk and when I back after a break I forgot to put my muffs back on. Let one loose and the ringing was instant. Made me wonder how law enforcement deals with it when they have to use their service revolver. Of course many are semi auto now with lower pressures.

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    FWIW: r.e., "made me wonder"comment above- Law enforcement(unprotected) noise exposure is typically nothing remotely close to the military-in combat! Cops don't go out(thankfully for them) & shoot at the bad guys in unprotected mode much of the time.
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    Try shooting at a range with the guy next to you shooting a 375 H&H. I moved to another bench...
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    Quote Originally Posted by ponch1 View Post
    Try shooting at a range with the guy next to you shooting a 375 H&H. I moved to another bench...
    Think I'd move to another
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    Some time ago I was talking to a friend who is a retired logger - specifically, a tree faller - and the conversation turned to our respective hearing loss and the probable reasons for it. (Don't remember a discussion of tinnitus.) In his earlier years as a faller, not only was hearing protection unheard of, he PUNCHED HOLES IN THE MUFFLER to get more power from the chainsaws of the day. Any of you have run reasonably modern chainsaws know how loud THEY are. You would think one day of running such a saw would cause complete deafness - and he did it for several years - before saws improved and hearing protection came along. That guy hears at least as well as I - no hearing aids.

    Guess he is kind of like the person who smokes two packs a day since he was 13 and dies in a car crash at 92. It happens. Not a good idea to bet your hearing - if you have some left - that you too will beat the odds. And unlike cigarettes, I don't find noise in any form an addictive pleasure. Of course, I don't ride a Harley with open pipes. Different strokes...

    Must ask him about tinnitus. Seems to almost always accompany noise-related hearing loss.
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    My firearms haven't done anything to hurt my ears that I can tell but I sure learned about using double protection when I lost an eardrum to a squash ball. I never shoot without ear protection except when hunting and that's a single shot most of the time.
    Got one of those 375 H&H too- purchased for a trip to Africa that I had to cancel. In a Kevlar stock, it weighs a bit over 7 lbs with scope (they're typically about 11 lbs in wood) and kicks substantially. My reloading software just prints "OUCH!" when calculating it (its about 41 lb-ft or double a typical mid caliber magnum). I like the way it stops adrenaline charged forest rats in their tracks without destroying meat- something my 7 mags rarely do and why I first tested it on the rats. The only other thing I've used that matches it is a 12 gauge slug at close range.

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