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Thread: looking to buy 07 f800st

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    looking to buy 07 f800st

    I am contemplating buying a 13k 07 with aftermarket exhaust. My question is will the oem fuel computerism handle an aftermarket exhaust.

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    It'll be fine with an aftermarket exhaust on it. All it'll do is make some more noise without something like a power commander though. If you want to realize any power gains you'd have to get a power commander or whatever works on Beemers.
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    Aftermarket exhaust

    I own a 2007 BMW F800st with a Scorpion carbon fiber muffler and it sounds great. You should have no trouble with the fuel mapping but be aware that you may have to drive the bike around for a few miles just to get the fuel/air/backpressure to adjust from the computer. When I took the bike in for its 18k maintenance, the service manager said the bike sounded great.

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    Remus Exhaust

    I've got a 2007 F800ST with a Remus aftermarket exhaust... no problems at all.

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