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Thread: Diode Board??

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    Diode Board??

    If my Diode Board goes bad during a long trip on my R89RT, will it simple just stop functioning (charging) or will it give me some implications...indication that it is about to go bad?


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    Typically, the charging system won't go digital on works and then 5 minutes later it doesn't...that's my thought. There are ways it will fail immediately but not typically. Generally, a failing charging system will show up as reduced voltage to the battery as seen through your fairing voltmeter. You'll also see some "funkiness" with the charge light.

    I think it's been stated before that the weakest part of the charging system is the rotor, then the diode board or maybe the regulator, then the stator last. Of course, the instrument pod light is part of the equation...if it fails, the bike won't charge. There are bypasses for the charge light...Snowbum discusses this on his website.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Bikemike1 View Post
    ...on my R89RT
    Is it coincidence that the little storage cubby at the rear of the monoshock RT/RS seat is exactly sized to hold a voltmeter; a spare rotor (suitably wrapped and padded; a diode board; a voltage regulator, a rotor removal bolt, and Rick Jones' book on Airhead charging systems?

    I think not.

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