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Thread: 6V v 12V coils on an old airhead

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    6V v 12V coils on an old airhead

    Hi has anybody change from the original type 6v Bosch Coils used on air heads to 12v versions of the same type. You know the old style ones we used to see on cars everywhere. IÔÇÖve just swapped an old 6v coil for a 12 v one that I had spare. My 90 started right up. Any feed back

    Could some nice airhead owner take a really good close up shot of the wires attached to on the ignition in the headlight.

    I need to check where all the wires go. The wiring diagrams I have I really are not clear enough.

    Any one have a ignition switch with a matching knob key for sale by any chance Cheers Paul Australia

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    Hi Paul

    1 switch for sale on fleabay $45 no key.
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    my 1974 r90 wired like this

    g grey
    r red
    e blank
    e yello / white

    align switch with the single post in vertical position to the rear of the headlight bucket and plug on the green wire. Moving to the four posts that are aligned horizontally top to bottom---- grey, red, not used, yellow/wht on bottom.

    Just happened to have my headlight out to replace lens and flasher.
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    If you switch to 12V coils you should add resistors to reduce voltage to 6V--just like everywhere else in the automotive world. You'll be going through points pretty fast if you don't.
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