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Thread: Unpainted Plastic Repair Method(s)?

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    Unpainted Plastic Repair Method(s)?

    I have a 2008 R1200RT that has damage to the OEM front fender mudflap and the innermost section of the saddle bags - the black/dark unpainted plastic - not the painted plastic. This unpainted plastic seems to be different than the painted plastic as it is less brittle and softer than the painted plastic. What is the composition of this unpainted plastic and what are the available repair techniques (threads or otherwise) for tears etc. Thank You!

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    plastic repair

    I have used West System G/Flex Epoxy and fiberglass cloth on several BMW plastic parts with excellent results.
    Included K75 fairings, R1150RT fairing heat damage and several BMW cases.
    Each time the repair was successfull and stronger than the orginal plastic part. Easy to sand, fare and paint.
    I buy it at West Marine Stores, some marinas carry it also.

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