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Thread: Tire Pressure for the K1600GTL

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    Question Tire Pressure for the K1600GTL

    I did a search and got over 40 pages of stuff and can't read all of it.

    The manual says 42.1 psi for both front and rear. Right after delivery of my new GTL, the pressure sensor says 38 front and 39 rear. It warmed up to about 1 pound more. Is this OK? Did the dealer not "top off" the tires before delivery. I read that keeping the tires at max can increase central wear, but I don't know what is best.

    And while I have you here, will my engine wear out twice as fast if I use dino oil instead of synthetic which costs almost twice as much? Is it really worth the difference?

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    Mine is very consistent but reads 39/40 when my tire pressure is set @43 psi. Fwiw

    As far as Dino vs. syn that's a personal choice. Change it regularly and you won't have any problems. ( I use syn but that's a personal bias going back to ownership of turbo diesel vehicles)

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    Thanks. I appreciate the info.

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