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Thread: Lusting for a Ural

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    got a ural in 2004 have had little problems. The bigest problem is the people that has bought them in the past found that they can work on them by there self. They just kept working on them till they broke them Or they thought they could run a splash oil syste like a jap bike, Then lost the motor. You have to drive a splash system with comon sense. kind like a 1947 chevy. There oil pump is so low presure I dosn't have a light or gauge. If riden like they were made for the will run a long time with little trouble.
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    Lusting for a Ural

    I'm riding my second Ural sidecar rig. I can't imagine not having one. I still have two BMWs in my stable, but can't ride them because of injuries. I started riding BMWs in 1974 with my 1954 R51/3. My new Ural reminds me of the charm that attracted me to BMWs in the 70s. That charm has been engineered out of modern BMWs. With the on-demand 2-wheel drive and tough nature of the Ural, I can take it places where only the hardiest BMW GS riders dare tread. Many BMW owners also own Urals, and for very good reasons. If you have the coin, I'd say drop it on the Ural.

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