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Thread: Poor sound on BMW Communication System on '11 R1200RT

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    rear speaker out

    Where is the rear speaker out?

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    poor audio

    Sorry...and what is a BMW connector..? And where do I get one? Obviously, my audio out to my expensive Schuberth helmet stinks and I'm trying to get better sound... Thanks

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    Quote Originally Posted by Docskydive View Post
    Where is the rear speaker out?
    You use the "rear-speaker" plug in the nose of the bike and wire to a 3.5mm jack. See this BMWLT thread and/or this other BMWLT thread and/or this BMWSportTouring thread

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    Thanks to everyone's input regarding the BMW system, I will continue to use my current setup - a Sena SMH10 paired to a Samsung P3 8G (bluetooth) MP3 player. Holds thousands of songs and volume/sound quality is pretty good. I wear earplugs which helps diminish the unwanted wind/road noise and allow the music to be heard very well.

    When I buy a new helmet, I'm going to tweak the position of the speakers with spacers to be closer to my ears which I think will make a good system even better.

    I was contemplating installing the BMW system on my 2010 RT which does not have any stereo system at all. Sounds like BMW is living up to their reputation of denying a problem exists (for years) and sticking it to the customer.
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    Thanks Idisposable!

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    Buy Used

    Well I followed your advice. I bought a 2009 R1200RT. Buying all the latest at the mostest price is cool but what is the difference on the return fun factor. So I paid 1/2 as much as the newbees and I am having more than 50% fun. Any advice from fellow 2005-2007 RTs is welcome.

    Dealer availability is a big problem for us and BMW. Harley dealers are everywhere. but try to find a BMW dealer. None in Delaware, None in South Jersey and None in the Philly area! None. I get the economy crashed the local dealers but BMW needs to open a "factory" store in these hi population areas so people can see the product. If you can't see the product, can't find the product, you can't buy the product. So here I live in a highly populated area and I need to drive 2 hours in 3 of 4 compass directions to get to a dealer. 2 of the three close a 5 pm on weekdays so its Saturday only visits. I think they really need to rethink this private dealer setup they have. It really does not make sense. Or like so many already have, surrender and buy a Harley, I hate the thought of it.

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