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Thread: New York Motorcycle Show

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    New York Motorcycle Show

    I went to the show on Friday January 20 and was blown away by this bike which caused me to seriously question my resolve to buy a late model K75RT:

    After I got home I was thinking about the bike and how it compares to the K75.

    The MPG is supposed to be much better on the Honda. Some of the articles I've seen suggest up to 80 MPG on both versions of the bike. One rep at the show said the automatic was getting 70+ MPG. ABS brakes? The Honda reps could not agree on whether or not the base bike would have ABS or not with some of the reps saying only the automatic would have it. Center stand, heated grips, accessory outlet, panniers, top case and larger wind screen? No, all are considered options. The bike has a rev limiter set to 6500 RPM.

    Honda reps at the show had no idea beyond $6999 for the base model six speed so I'm guessing the bike pictured would sell for 10K or more.

    No way will the enormous helmets I have to wear fit into the topside storage compartment on the Honda. The bike at the show had HJC Symax III size large tethered to the compartment. It just barely fit.

    Some of the fully equipped K75RT's I've looked at are selling for under $5,000 from a dealer with a moderate amount of mileage in the 30K to 50K range.

    I'm sticking with the K75.

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    I would be very suspect at 80 mpg.

    And a first production year?

    Have you seen that EVERY Goldwing since 2001 is being recalled? Over 125,000 bikes. Yeah I know it is for the brakes, but they are a pretty important part of a MC.

    Anyway, how many of these are going to be on the road 20-25 years from now?

    Go for the K bike.

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