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Thread: Low idle missing, R1200CLC, 67,000 miles

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    Low idle missing, R1200CLC, 67,000 miles

    Stopped at light and engine started missing. When rev above 2000 rpm smooths out. Have to rev up to have power to take-off or it will die. Starts normal idles at about 1000 rpm then starts missing. Bought gas 10 miles before this started so suspect but have not drained, yet. Plugs look normal. Please see photo, would the corrosion cause a short? Do not dee any arcing. Next step, unless I hear from you is order new wire and buy container, drain and refill. Thanks. p.s. hoping make it to St. Paul, next week. Chad

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    Post needs to be moved to the Hexhead board. This is the oilhead board.

    I didn't see corrosion in the picture, but I did see some of the rubber missing. Unlikely that the wire is the problem.

    If you got dirt in your gas, it would plug the fuel filter. This would cause it to sputter or stall out at high RPM, and idle perfectly. You have the opposite. You could have some water in the gas which would make it run poorly. Water will sit on the bottom of the tank. Maybe it is worth draining the tank.

    If you could isolate the problem to a fuel or ignition problem, this would make it easier to diagnose. If you have a timing light, see if it is missing. Test both ignition wires.

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    23217- the Chromehead R1200C models ARE oilheads, not hexheads. Thread is exactly where it belongs.

    cdlandes- given your circumstances, it's likely a gas issue. However, curious about when was the last time you cleaned your Big Brass Screws? Those act as the idle air adjuster screws, and when gummed up can make for erratic idling. Should be done about every 40K or so.
    gently thread in all the way, making note of how many turns you apply. Remove, clean with injector cleaner, reinstall to previously noted position. That should get you close to correct. Then, do a correct/complete TBS after taking bike for a half hour or longer ride.
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    Check the big tubes that feed air to the cylinders. These often blow off or become loose on Chromeheads and the results are exactly as you describe. Go over to for specific info. I had 86,000 on my CLC before it was totalled in a rear-end collision, and though this condition never happened with me (I did get one of the tubes replaced, as it showed signs of cracking) it has happened to plenty others with C style bikes.

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    Not being familiar with the chromeheads, that's interesting - thanks for the head's up!

    Corrosion doesn't "cause shorts", but split insulation certainly can, especially with the extremely high voltage produced by the ignition system - R&R that cable anyway (maybe both...), even if the root cause is fueling or a cracked or misplaced intake tube.

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    I would start with making sure you have good spark. If you are running on one cylinder at idle as the engine speeds up it might "cover" the miss some. Stick coils are notorious for failing. Either way it will be interesting learning experience for everybody since chromeheads are a little different than the rest of the oilheads (I call them redheaded stepchildren of the oilhead family)
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    The R1200CL

    According to MaxBMW fiche, dual spark started in 09/03 on this model.
    cdlandes - if you put the last 7 digits of your vin number here:
    it will tell you the build date of your bike.
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