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Thread: Happy Thanksgiving

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    Much happiness to all of you, too.
    I shall not be eating at Alice's Restaurant tomorrow.
    But I will enjoy turkey elsewhere.
    I think we all should be thankful for what we have. No matter how little we have, there is always someone with less.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Omega Man View Post
    A bump for all of us sitting on the Group W Bench
    I think I've listened to Alice's Restaurant through all 50 shades of consciousness from light to dark over the years and it's always a classic. Thanks for the bump!
    Greg Feeler
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    "Travel'in" John
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    Me think...

    pilgrims didn't have this great weather! happy thanksgiving

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    Can't say I've heard that song but I'm not yet in my 40s. Happy Thanksgiving folks. I'll be riding to a couple houses tomorrow!

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    Alice is played at noon & 6p.m. Happy turky day. See you all in Salem 2013!

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    To all our American friends,

    Happy Thanksgiving!
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    Quote Originally Posted by sudani View Post
    Here's wishing you all a very Happy Thanksgiving. If you're living in the sunshine, get out and ride a bit!

    Thank you all for sharing your insight and experience this past year. I hope that all of you can be with the ones you love and enjoy a wonderful day.
    +1, Gunny; thanks for a wonderful BMW forum, I am celebrating my Thanksgiving 2012 by riding dirt in the middle of the Sonoran desert:

    Don Stanley; aka Chuy Medina "El Burrito Ballerina"
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    Quote Originally Posted by 88bmwJeff View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by Isamemon View Post
    happy turkey day everyone
    what he said +1
    What I said last year

    Happy Turkey Day everyone
    Jeff in W.C.
    1988 R100 RT (the other woman)
    "I got my motorcycle jacket but I'm walking all the time." Joe Strummer

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    Happy Thanksgiving to my fellow Beemophiles

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    To read about how "it's supposed to be done", read "Eating : A Strategic Guide @ Yes, there is an art to stuffing ones face!

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    Quote Originally Posted by tommcgee View Post
    Wild turkeys are NOT flightless. We used to have a fairly large flock of turkeys in this part of Braintree, MA. One morning, they were all lined up on the peak of one of the neighborhood houses and took off when I was a few hundred feet away -- between me and the early morning sun. I had no idea what they were until getting up close. "Holy crap -- turkeys can fly!"

    Unfortunately, the neighborhood kids used to buzz them with their bikes and since they are territorial birds, a few kids got attacked. Serves the little delinquents right!

    A few weeks later, there were a bunch of uniformed people around (not local cops) wandering in MY backyard on a Sunday afternoon collecting the birds.

    "Where are you taking them?"
    "Plimoth Plantation."
    "Yeah right, you're full of (four letter word that rhymes with baloney)."

    Next day, I read they were taken someplace to a rural area in Walpole, MA. They've been gone since -- maybe ten years. I miss the little guys. I worked on the car in the backyard for an entire day and they came and went as they pleased, very close. We had an interesting conversation and they kinda liked Kathy Mattea on the CD player.
    When I used to circulate around in helos, flying over a turkey farm was not allowed as they were said to sort of "go crazy" from the noise above.Small minds operating under stress?
    The wild version lives all around me & yes they fly very well, often seen roosting high in the trees. Their eggs are on the ground where they eat & frolic about acting like roto-tillers in the leaves.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Beemerdons View Post
    +1, Gunny; thanks for a wonderful BMW forum, I am celebrating my Thanksgiving 2012 by riding dirt in the middle of the Sonoran desert:

    '03 F650CS "tink" (sold)
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    A little bump-a-roo for the day.
    "Well they say.. time loves a hero but only time will tell.. If he's real, he's a legend from heaven If he ain't he was sent here from hell" Lowell George
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    Thanks for bumping this up. Went back and re-read the entire thread.

    Quote Originally Posted by MOTOR31 View Post
    May your travels be safe and you have a wonderful time with friends or relatives.
    To that I'll add a reminder not only to give thanks on this day for all your blessings, but to also remember that gratitude is one quality that enhances life throughout the year. Your blessings are the same on the other 364 days of the year, as they are today. Remember to say thank you often! I say it out loud as often as I can.
    Take care guys-n-gals.
    Be well, be safe.
    Give thanks.

    +1 on "toilets that flush". That was awesome! Guess the perspective is the same from young kids as it is from much later in life, eh? Ha ha.
    Be The Change You Want To See In The World

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    Most of us have a lot for which to be thankful.

    Best you and yours on this day of celebrating and reflecting.
    Ride Well, Ride Often, Ride to

    Charter Member "High Town" crew.

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