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Thread: Big Mak Tank Bag

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    Question Big Mak Tank Bag

    Has anyone contacted him recently. Phone is "full", one number is dead, and no reply to an e-mail.

    I have seen the product and like it very much. Need some info on how to get through to them and purchase the bag and mount.

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    Web site down

    As of today the web site is down.

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    Bummer, I really like this product. I've have been using one for years.
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    This is being moved to GEAR since it is not hexhead specific. Hang on..
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    Back in April I made several attempts to contact him. No luck. Not sure what is happening, but I went with an RKA tank bag and it's great.

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    I would recommend an RKA Tankbag, been using it for many years with no problems.
    And if you have a question or need a part, they will answer the phone.
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