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Thread: The worst part of the rally.....

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    The worst part of the rally.....

    Please post what you would change about the rally, if you could. Constructive criticism can be used to continue improving the National Rally for it's members.
    Having better weather is a given!

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    I would like to see a used parts area again..Also more than just one BMW dealer allowed to set up and sell new stuff...Where was MaxBMW? I remember when there was three or more dealers at these rallys...

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    My 2 cents,

    Rally sites that are cooler in July like north and or higher elevation. Also not to have flame throwing cars at closing gig. I will not come to a rally with heat warnings in the forecast again ...


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    Quote Originally Posted by khill View Post
    I would like to see a used parts area again..Also more than just one BMW dealer allowed to set up and sell new stuff...Where was MaxBMW? I remember when there was three or more dealers at these rallys...
    I heard there is an issue with PA in that a business license is required, and although not impossible to get, not worth the effort for small used parts vendors.
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    I do not know of a special business liscense in Pa...As a Pa. resident, I go to many bike events and I see used parts at other events..As for new dealers, I am shure they have what is needed to do business from place to place..

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    Waking up with a splitting headache both mornings from all the beer I drank the evenings before.

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    Volunteer Shifts in the Heat

    I volunteer every time I go to the MOA Rally. I usually will work the gates. I did more than one session this year, but not all on the gates.

    IMHO, 2 hour shifts, especially in blistering, record breaking heat would be much more attractive to volunteers. 4 hours on the gate, in the heat was miserable.

    The shuttle driver and safety were only 3 hours...

    I understand the difficulty getting folks to volunteer. I think if it was more attractive (less than 4 hours) y'all may get a few more volunteers.

    By the time we signed up for the gates on Saturday, 5 or so folks had backed out of the 10am to 2pm shift and only 1 or 2 people were signed up for the rest of the day...

    I just think shorter shifts would help...

    That is my $.02
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    It's a sales tax license. It's no big deal to obtain. Unfortunately, the PA Dept. of Revenue regional offices watch for events like these and require vendors to comply. An occasional vendor selling his own stuff is exempt, like a flea market. The real PITA is driving up prices by 6%.

    As to the cars on the race track, I cannot believe they are dragging a classic '63-'64 Buick Riviera!


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    The only negative I remember is one volunteer in a golf cart who was extremely gruff, rude, and every time I saw him, he was yelling about...or at...rally goers and vendors. I noticed him on several days. However, EVERY other volunteer I met was extremely friendly and helpful, even though they were just as hot as we were.

    A location with more shade would be appreciated by all.

    I heard a number of questions about the water faucets in various locations, people wondering if they had potable water.

    The choice of food from the vendors was excellent!

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    Quote Originally Posted by khill View Post
    ..Also more than just one BMW dealer allowed to set up and sell new stuff...Where was MaxBMW? I remember when there was three or more dealers at these rallys...
    Actually there where (3) BMW dealers on site that I observed...Bob's as usual, Montgomeryville and 2Jacks

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    My only negatives are directed more at BMW Corporate than the MOA whom I thought did a great job at this rally.

    1. Why only bring the new GT and GTL's for demo's? Yes they are new game changing models, but not everyone is interested in one. I asked a BMW employee about this and was told that they wanted to make a big splash with the new model and they had a strong demo program at the local dealers for the other models. That is all well and good, but what about those folks who live 100+ miles from a dealer or don't have a dealer in their state? Do you really expect them to drive hours for a demo and then have the dealer ask, "What can I do to put you on this bike today?" The rally is a perfect way to demo without pressure especially if you are not quite ready for a new bike, but just thinking about it. I think Paul Thorn summed it up nicely by saying, "I think BMW is stepping over a dollar to pick up a dime." Which brings me to.....

    2. Why did BMW schedule thier event opposite one of the main music events, Paul Thorn? He is a crittically acclaimed national touring act and deserved better. There were several local "cover" bands that could have been scheduled opposite and no one would have cared. But Paul is a top draw, which is why he has been asked to perform for us 3 years in a row now. I did hear that German party band early on as I was camped on the other side of the fence and they sure sounded like fun, but they are a party band for folks to party to. OTOH, Paul is a serious artist with a top notch band and deserved to have his portion of the entertainment schedule to himself. Everyone seemed to agree with Paul when he made that above statement!

    Otherwise a GREAT rally!

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    The worst part of the rally is that IT'S OVER and we won't see that group of friends again for so long. It was so close to home for us this year that it felt like it was done almost before it started...sigh.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Newstar View Post
    While the heat was troublesome to many, there is nothing that can be done. No sense complaining about it. When it became unbearable, you just had to find some AC or some other way to deal with it. I hear the swimming hole was worth the trip across the fair grounds but never made it there.

    I have to disagree. There is something to be done about it. As suggested in earlier posts, move the rally to a location that has very little chance of 95 degree heat in July. Or a venue with a large enough building to house all the vendors and sufficient A/C power to maintain less than 80 degrees inside.
    There was nowhere to go to cool down. The buildings housing some of the vendors was barely tolerable. I don't know if the A/C units were broken or just overwhelmed. But something needed to be done, more fans brought in would have helped. I couldn't bare the heat long enough to even shop the outdoor vendors.
    As you can see by my member # I'm a noob to the MOA but not to motorcycling or rallying. And I'm not generally a cry baby. This was my first MOA rally and I think I would have enjoyed it very much if not for the unbearable heat / humidity.
    But as it was I had absolutely no fun and packed up and left Sat. morning. I saw several others doing the same thing.
    I know The MOA can not predict the weather a year in advance and you can never please everyone, but you can increase the odds with more northerly or higher elevation venue or a spring or fall date.

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    Yes it Was Hot

    Yes it was hot but only when we get full control over the weather/climate can we compalin to the organizers, until then they deserver our thanks for dealing with the heat as best they could. Besides it could have been raining all week.

    I had a good time and am looking forward to next year.

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    Quote Originally Posted by clowry View Post
    the worst part of the rally is that it's over and we won't see that group of friends again for so long. It was so close to home for us this year that it felt like it was done almost before it started...sigh.

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