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Sooo o .. .. what's going on in the "rear set" fabricating department?
Josh is getting everything ready for powder coating, he is on vacation in Mexico right now and enjoying the waves, he is a big surfer. He is a jack of all trades really. Pretty neat fellow, never met him, but I have every intention of flying to Southern California when the bike is done and meet him and take it for the first spin. Maybe spend a day or two at Pelican Hill, my wife just loves that resort, let kids play in the sand while Dad checks out the bike, we will see what 2012 brings but hopefully we will finish the bike this coming year. Happy New Years everyone, I will keep you up to date as we go forward. Paul from the Vintagent is going to call Dane next week and get some information for the story with any luck, takes some months for him to finalize and put everything to paper from what it sounds.

thanks again every,