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Thread: Planning on riding Colorado in July...

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    +1 to Sfarson's comment on Route 141 through Delores Canyon. We go to Gateway Canyonalnd Resort for a week every 4th of July. The wofe hangs out at the pool and I ride all over western CO for a week. rarely see any other cars out and there few tourists out there as well.

    Once in Utah, be sure to hit Route 95 from Blanding westward to Torrey. Nothing out there but the scenery is fantastic...

    If you're going to be out that way anytime from June 30-July 9th, gimme a yell and we'll do some riding.

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    Thanks for the replies...we haven't set the dates yet. My son is being deployed to Afghanistan and we don't want to hit the road before he is gone. Which will be sometime in June.

    We are really looking forward to riding Colorado...beautiful pics. We're also planning a trip to northern New Mexico.
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