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Thread: Camping in provided tents?

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    Question Camping in provided tents?

    I was looking thru the forum a few days ago, and came across a mention of rental tents to be available at the ralley. I didn't get a chance to read it at that time, and now can't find it. I would like to know if this is available, or, if I misunderstood the thread. Thanks

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    Check out
    Ted is the guy that rents tents. I used his service last year at the MOA rally & it is great!
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    +1 on Ted from Sherpa for communications and answering Q's after the order.
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    Haven't used him myself but have always heard high praise.
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    I used them in Gillette, and I've booked them for Redmond.

    Great service.

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    Thanks for the compliments!

    I still have plenty of tents available for this July. I can still support over 40 additional tents (and that's only to reach 100 tents )
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    Never used the service, but if you're 2 up and don't want to carry a large pack, yet want to stay on site, this is certainly the way to go.
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    Thumbs up Great Service

    Used Ted's service in West Bend and it was great. Had coffee every morning, charging station and come Sunday morning - no packing just got up and rode off.
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