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Thread: K75RT Windscreen

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    K75RT Windscreen

    Replacing the windscreen on my 1990 K75RT and would like to see if anyone has opinions or experience with Clearview vs. Parabellum shields.

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    I have a +3" clearview on my K75RT. Had it 3-4 years and no problems, but I've not had a Parabellum on this bike so I cannot offer a comparison. I recall the cost of the Clearview was reasonable.

    I'm 5'7" {on a good day} and I look through the screen. I know some that can't imagine that but it doesn't bother me.
    It's like riding in the "cone of silence". No buffeting whatsoever.
    The top of the +3 is about at the top of my forehead, but I'm sitting on a Corbin which is a little lower than stock.
    It's my cold weather, long distance ride.
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    I installed the Parabellum 18" and it makes a tremendous difference with the wind buffeting. The Parabellum has a "vented" base that scoops some air to the inside and then up to reduce noise and drag. It's been on the bike for 17K miles and still crystal clear. I couldn't be happier with it. More than 100 times better than the stock screen with wings that I took off.

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    I also installed a Parrabellum and have had great results, sorry I can't tell you off hand the height I bought, but the lady on the phone will advise you based on your height.
    Ian Robert "Scoobs" Scobie

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    For me, the Parabellum is a big improvement over the OEM "winglet" shield, with a big reduction in wind turbulence.

    I'm 6'1" w/ 34" inseam, and the 20" Parabellum allows me to see over the top of the shield.
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