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Thread: the new bike

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    Another possibility

    You might want to catch a ride on the R1200R. It is the most underrated bike in the BMW stable, and capable of cruising (think RT-Lite as is carries the same luggage) and is very light and easy to drive in city traffic. It has the capability of embarrassing a lot of sport-bike riders and is very, very easy to work on.

    My running evaluation from day one is here:


    The RR Forum with most activity is here:

    Do a search on "Chitown" and see what he does with his RR. It thinks it is a GS!

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    RT for me

    I am 5' 10" with a 29" inseam. New to me 2004 1150RT. I have the stock seat but have cut down the adjustment posts on front of seat. I can just flat foot the bike. My first BMW. I am 61 and loving it. I think the RT was the correct choice for me.

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    I rode the RT for 3 years. Great bike. Smooth ride. Everything you would expect and them some. even with all that, I traded for a 2009 GSA in November. Great bike. Smooth ride. Everything you would expect and them some... sound familiar?

    I love the Adventure. I am 5'10" with 30" inseam. Rode it today sans panniers today. It handles like a sport bike when you need it. A workhorse when you need it. I enjoy motorcycle camping and expect it to carry all my gear comfortably on a couple of long trips this summer.

    I like sitting up in the saddle ( I drive a pickup). The GSA allows this. I feel very much in control of the road through the twisties and on the highway.

    Either way you win, your riding a Beemer!

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    I've had a 1200GS, a 1200GS Adv, and have now moved to the GT. Even though the GS Adv is really the ultimate Swiss Army Knife of motorcycling, I do my riding on the pavement, so the GT is a better fit. Besides, that engine...
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    RT or GT

    Quote Originally Posted by deltaboy56 View Post
    ladies and gentlemen:
    I'm contemplating the purchase of a used BMW to scratch an itch and fill an otherwise empty garage. In the past I owned a K100Rt and a K1100LT and enjoyed both. This time around I'm leaning towards an RT or a GT; test rides and budget to make the final determination. Before I take the plunge, I'm wondering what opinions are out there on buying one of the later model GS bikes (1100 and newer). Some facts: 5'10" with a 31" inseam (short), plan on light touring and perhaps some dirt road use, not planning a grand global excursion (at least not yet).
    Well, I know that the RT on it's lowest seat position is 31.4 inches, because I had one and I have a 29 inch inseam. I had to get the low seat, which got me down to about 30.3 inches. I believe that GS sits much higher. You should go to your local BMW showroom and sit on both bikes.
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