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Thread: K1300GT hi beam switch

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    K1300GT hi beam switch

    I was looking at one the other day and could only find the flash to pass trigger.
    How do you turn the hi beams on for continious operation?

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    I have a 1200, so assume it is the same, press the headlight switch at the top instead of the bottom. It's a rocker switch at the bottom for flashing, but the top remains pushed in until pushing it at the bottom for off again.

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    I know what you mean about the 1300 (new style) switch, I think it's the same trigger, instead of pulling it (for flashing someone to pass), you push it forward.
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    Cool high beams

    Yes, it is the same swith. pull towards you to flash, push away from you to lock high is easier when sitting on the bike because you can just nudge it forward with your index finger nail. easy once you find out it's a two way switch.

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