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Thread: Big Bend River Road Reopened

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    Big Bend River Road Reopened

    FM 170 from Terlingua/Lajitas to Presidio is now opened all the way, paved.

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    AWWWW man,, I will sure miss taking the LT over the hills and gravel road... I was just into doing that again...

    Surprises me that it is even finished.. WHen I was there over the xmas holidays, we bypassed the detours from the Presidio side, to see how far I could go.. I came up on the road crews and they were sleeping....

    As soon as I honked the big girls horn, tractors started, and there was then dust going everywhere..
    Ahh progress just needs a simple prodding every once in a while..

    Then again it might have been siesta time...

    KEwl cant wait to get back out there!

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