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Thread: Wolfman Explorer Lite ??

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    Wolfman Explorer Lite ??

    Has anyone used this tank bag on a GS1150? How is the fit and how does it compare to the BMW tankbag?

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    I think it might be small for your tank. It cost a little more, but take a look at the Explorer. Excellent quality stuff all around. Best of luck with the shopping.

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    I have the Explorer on my 2002 GS.... It looks great, fits everything except the kitchen sink and is easy to get off and on... Highly recommended..... Had a BMW Tank bag... This bag is far superior all all aspects
    2002 1150GS

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    Move up to the Explorer

    I have the Explorer Lite on my 650 and it fits perfectly. I think it would be pretty small on your 1150. You won't regret getting the Explorer. Excellent bag!

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