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Thread: Fly fishing and motorcycling

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    Fly fishing and motorcycling

    I'm wanting to carry fly fishing gear on my gs. Anyone carry a two-piece rod on their bike - safely - or are multi-pieces the only real option?

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    Re: Fly fishing and motorcycling

    Originally posted by Wes
    I'm wanting to carry fly fishing gear on my gs. Anyone carry a two-piece rod on their bike - safely - or are multi-pieces the only real option?
    My dad used to have a big piece of PVC bolted the the rear subframe on his old Honda. It point sort of up and back. He could stick his fishing pole in there and ride anyplace. I think he used to stuff rags or something in there to keep it from bouncing out.
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    Being a fishing guide in Florida I can recommend that you get a 4 or 5 piece flyrod. This allows for easy travelling, also on aircraft.
    A lot of my clients have Winston rods and are happy with them.
    Sage and G-Loomis also make very good travel rods. The cases that come with the smaller package are easy to pack on your bike with nothing sticking out all over.
    Good luck finding your flyrod!

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    If you are ever in the Catskills on any weekend during trout season you will see my GS parked either at the Neversink, Willowemoc or Beaverkill Rivers all set up for Fly Fishing. 3 Pc rod tubes fit perfectly in front of the stock luggage rack held down by those very thin short bungees. I use 3 of them , one on each side attached to sides of the rack,then wrapped around the tube under the rack and back over. and one in the center. The tubes are barely wider than the width of my hard cases and pose no problems whatsoever and I've never had a problem with the tubes coming loose or the bungees breaking. The rest of my fly gear : wading shoes , small net and plastic garbage bags in one case and breathable waders, wading staff, vest and everything else in the other case. Tank bag holds anything else I might need for a comfortable day of catching.

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