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Thread: Does this trap make my eyes look fat?

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    Does this trap make my eyes look fat?

    Dunno about all you, hope it doesn't mean a real cold winter.

    I have a lot of outer area storage and having noticed some chewing on coils of cable. Been catching 1or 2 a day, actually hate to do it but the destruction has started. To the Victor go the mice.
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    You need a cat.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lee View Post
    You need a cat.
    I have six cats, not my fault, just happened that way, I swear. I'm not crazy, I promise, maybe.

    No need for traps, just a shovel. The mousers, even my neighbours love them.

    Presents, you see, for keeping them loved and warm and the only problem, I don't want a pile of dead presents every morning while I have my coffee and read the newspaper.
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    It's those "presents" that are still very much alive that bother me!
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    We have two cats. A mouse ran between them. The cats both looked at me with expressions that could only mean, "DO SOMETHING!!!!!!"

    I bought some traps.
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    I hear things in the shop and what the heeler doesn't wear out, have been also setting out some traps.
    seems to be more...earlier

    I knew people and 'yoda at that

    I am more concerned with the armadillo that is wreaking havoc around and in my greenhouse. Looks like someone has been looking for my money jars!
    I got a trap, just hate dealing with the catchee! This just made me think about going out and set it .
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