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Thread: Pledge to Plexus

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    I use Plexus and just hot water on the hard to clean areas. My hubby uses S100 on his Victory. He seems to like it a lot.
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    Quote Originally Posted by majorpayne66 View Post
    I used Lemon Pledge once and ended up with a garage full of bee's

    Good thing it doesn't smell like honey. A garage full of bears would have been even worse.
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    Never tried Pledge, but Plexus will remove tiny scratches from your windscreen and visor. Someday I'll go to a junkyard and find an old piece of plexi windscreen, scrub it up with some steel wool, and see once and for all how far you can go with Plexus.

    I spray Plexus on all my plastic bike parts - of which there are a lot on mine. Once you've got a nice layer of Plexus on the surface, dirt doesn't stick to the paint quite as well. Often all the bike needs is a dusting to remove the surface dirt Plexus won't allow to adhere to the paint.
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    What is all this talk of CLEANING!!!???!!!


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    Quote Originally Posted by flgoff View Post
    What is all this talk of CLEANING!!!???!!!


    Some BMW riders are known to be anal retentive and have to clean their bike every time they ride.

    Others, including yourself, find that time spent cleaning could be put to use riding.

    I'm in the middle of the country and in the middle of the road when it comes to cleaning.
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    Quote Originally Posted by flgoff View Post
    What is all this talk of CLEANING!!!???!!!


    Pride of ownership!

    And when it comes time to sell, mine will be gone in a nanosecond.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Annie View Post
    Does anyone have an opinion on using ArmorAll Original as a whole bike cleaner and shiner?
    Just don't put Armorall on the seat (or tires of course) A few decades ago when I was racing my Dad had put Armorall on the seat to shine it up. I pull up to the line for the heat race and when the green flag dropped, so did I.

    I slid off the back of the bike. I was still hanging on to the handlebars with the throttle pinned wide open. I made it about half way to the first corner before falling off the back. The bike was in 4th place going into the corner before going straight and hitting the wall.

    Needless to say Armorall never touched the seat of my bikes ever again
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