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Thread: R50 idle adjustment

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    R50 idle adjustment

    My '66 R50 wants to stall out while idling unless I open the throttle a tiny bit. Is it better / easier to adjust the throttle or the idle adjustment on the carb?

    Also I am looking for a good owners manual does anyone know a good source?

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    First of all welcome aboard. There is a forum specifically for the older vintage bikes. Perhaps you will get better information there as this one is for /5 and later airhead engines that began being manufactured in the early 70's.

    As to your question, you have an idle and an air screw on your carbs. Yes, you can easily set your idle up and down there rather than messing with your throttle cables.

    Good luck........Dennis

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    First off, you will want to make sure that your valve rocker clearances are correct. Valve rocker clearances that are less than spec, degrade the cylinders ability to create vacuum. On Bing mechanical carbs, the small screw is the idle air mixture adj., and the big screw is the the throttle stop. When you run the big screw in, it lifts the throttle slide slightly, duplicating the effect of bumping the twist grip.
    The cable adjustment is for achieving balance, side to side, at higher RPM.

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    Have a look at Duane Ausherman's website in general, and this page in particular regarding setting up the carbs.

    He has a tremendous amount of information to support the /2 era bikes.

    As for a manual, Duane has an on-line version for '64 bikes which pretty much covers the gamut.

    Not sure where you can buy one. You could check with Vech and see if he can help out. Vech is a good source for all your /2 needs.

    Bill Burke posted a source for manuals that covers the /2 bikes as well...good source.

    The manual is really not that useful for maintainng the bike. There are numerous websites with /2 information that can help out. There's a Clymers or Haynes aftermarket manual which can get you started. Coupled with the websites, you should be good for most maintenance tasks.
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    Quote Originally Posted by zsnider View Post
    My '66 R50 wants to stall out while idling unless I open the throttle a tiny bit. Is it better / easier to adjust the throttle or the idle adjustment on the carb?

    yes. The cables should have some play and the idle is adjusted at the carburetors
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