What's notable from this trip are the pictures I did not take. I have a customer in Northeast Harbor and this is the time of year they prepare for the summer population influx, which really doesn't start until July. The purpose of my trip was to get organs in three chapels ready for the season. I always take advantage of the area when I'm there because I work for myself and vacations lasting more than a few days happen about every 20 years.

The weather was awesome!

Torrential fog can be a lot of fun.

Eventually, it did burn off on day one.

But it never went away completely.

Today was a little brighter...

...depending on where I was.

This was taken by a fellow Vstrom rider who lives on MDI and builds boats for The Hinckley Company. A first rate tour of their manufacturing facility was the high point of the trip. Hinckley doesn't have much of a web presence, and why I didn't take the camera in with me will remain a mystery for the ages. World class boats for people who don't even have to ask how much they cost...

Bass Harbor, during a pause in our spirited back road ride last evening. Nice helmet hair, huh?