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Thread: Lower seats

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    Lower seats

    I have a friend who is looking for an RT. He is shorter than I am and is a cruiser rider so he is used to lower seats. I see Sargent has a low seat option.

    Anyone here have one?

    Anyone else that has a good solution for a lower seat on a 07 RT?

    Any and all suggestions appreciated.
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    Running the tires at 11 psi or wearing 5" heels from Frederick's of Hollywood would solve the problem, but image could be an issue.

    Seriously, though I don't have the 'lower' seats, I ride on Sargents and love them! All-day comfort for my butt.

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    Wunderlich has a low seat for the 12RT, and there is an OEM low seat as well. I happen to have a spare low, heated seat for an RT (came on the bike but is too low for me.) PM me if interested.
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