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Thread: Post photos of your vintage (pre-1970) BMW motorcycle

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    '63 r60/2

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    The Latest addition - 1921 Victoria KR-1 powered by the M2 b 15 BMW engine

    Victoria (email) 05.jpg

    This is my latest project, a 1921 Victoria, powered by a BMW M2 B 15 engine, as later used in the BMW R32 of 1923. Yes, before BMW made a motorcycle, they sold engines to other manufacturers of motorcycles. Victoria started out as a bicycle manufacturer in 1882. Victoria's first bike was the KR-1.
    Notable features include BELT drive, to the rear wheel, the rear brake is a V block of wood, that presses into the V belt pully on the rear wheel. The machine has a 2 speed gearbox. The weird looking knob on the top of the gas tank is the shift lever. The clutch is operated by your foot, on the bikes left side. The rear brake by your right foot. The second brake was a hand operated band brake, on the back of gearbox pulley. This means that (probably) the brakes are even worse than the ones on my R32! We will find out one day. The bike has no generator, only a magneto. Lighting was a acetylene powered headlamp. That's right, you opened the front lens door, and lit a match, and lit the headlight, literally!

    When it comes to old BMW's and their ancestors, you can't get any older than this. One of these years, when it is running, I'll bring it to a national rally.

    Before then, if you happen to be riding through Mississippi, come by and have a look!

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    WOW, your a lucky man. i personally would be honered to restore such a time piece. sparing no expence of course.
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