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Thread: Just riding to work

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    Just riding to work

    I live in Summit County Colorado and work in western Denver. (Long story) I rode to work for the first time today.

    It was pretty chilly when I headed out at 7:45. Sun was behind some clouds and it was around 38 or 40 degrees. Got progressively cooler as I headed up to the tunnel at 11000 feet.

    On the other side I finally hit sun around Bakerville. Ran the rest of the way to Denver in mixed sun and shade. When I ran down the big hill into Denver the temp ran upwards of 60 or so. Pretty warm for the jacket + liner with the vents zipped up.

    Lots of cross winds, especially at the hogback on I70 as it comes out of the mountains. Rode with a bit of a lean for a couple of miles.

    I spent a lot of time talking to myself in my head on the trip and it seemed to go by a lot faster than in the car. I was also a lot more engaged with the drive.

    Fun. Nothing earth shaking (although the scenery was and is spectacular) but I realize how far I have to go to become more of a part of the bike. On some curves I dipped my shoulder and just carved the turn. On some I hung on and rode it through, big difference, like the difference between a snowplow and a carved turn on skis.


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    Yup. They're repaving west bound I 70 from east of the tunnel to Frisco starting this week.

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    I'm jealous, you get a "tour" everyday commuting.
    If you don't wear a helmet when you probably shouldn't be riding.

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