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    something I worte this morning to go with a recent picture taken at Edwards Ferry, MD. along the banks of the runny ol' Potomac River, as part of my Images On Words wirting/photography project.


    A poor tortured creature from out of the past;
    Rendered in wood as if it might last.
    A poor tortured creature mired in ooze,
    Fighting a battle it was destined to lose.

    Trapped here as if, just for me to discover,
    As I wondered along by the brown, muddy river,
    While I've rendered this image in tones of dark grey,
    ÔÇÿNieth these ÔÇÿorhanging branches will it forever stay.

    ?® 2008 Jeffry LÔÇÖH. Tank
    "A man isn't totally drunk if he can lie on the floor without hanging on!" Joe Louis; comedian
    "I'll make a deal with you, I won't bore with my Science if you don't bore me with your Politics!" Lionel Barrymore from the 1929 film "The Mysterious Island"

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    Beautiful, Jeff.

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