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Thread: Camping Tent Space

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    Camping Tent Space

    I was told that last summer at the national ralley tent space was at a minimum.

    Does Wyoming have more tent space for us this year?

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    I dunno who gave you that idea...last year's rally seemed to have plenty of room. I have not seen this year's site in person, but from what I've heard from those who have, we should have PLENTY of space.
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    Thanks Veg, for saying that. I was thinking the same thing and wondered what national rally RJM was talking about.
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    The CamPlex venue has about 1,100 acres. You should be able to find some place to pitch your tent. The available space, depending on when you arrive, might not exactly be your definition of the Garden of Eden, but there should be space.

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    No Problem what so ever with camp room, using last years attendence as a point to measure! Plenty of room, Great facility. I stayed a couple of nights at the end of July/First of August at the camplex. Cool breezes came in like clockwork after the sun went down. staaaaartin to get excittted!

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    If there is one thing Wyoming has, it's space. On the interstate there's a sign next service 63 miles. You don't see that much around my part of the country.
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