I'm heading out Weds 8 Aug for Indianapolis and the MotoGP. Leaving the Bear Mt Bridge area early on 8 August and riding Rt 6 thru PA. Spending the first night in Youngstown, Ohio, then riding in on Thursday. Rules are only 2 lane, no franchise food. Anyone want to tag along? The flat track races are Friday night with racing at the speedway on Saturday and Sunday. I'll slab it back Sunday and perhaps Monday.

I ride a F700GS and I'm 67. Ride aggressively 10 over. I'm staying with relatives, but know Indy pretty well. Lived there for 4 years, plus this year was my 50th Indy 500. I also hold Iron Butt no. 31. Was the first do do the Iron Butt on a Triumph.

Ride half way or all the way. John Shuck Westport, CT. jshuck@optonline.net