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Thread: New GoPro Hero $129 Camera

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    New GoPro Hero $129 Camera

    I would post this to a video thread, but given the superlative search features of the Forum, I cannot find one. Feel free to relocate it, ad hoc.

    Today, GoPro has announced a new $129 Hero camera which promises to be just what motorcyclists like me want and need to do on bike/on helmet video. While it lacks all of the complex features of the new Hero 4 cameras, it is cheaper, uses all the available GoPro mounts, and is waterproof, as is. It shoots 1080P video with a very wide angle lens, and includes a microphone for audio. It's probably not James Cameron's first choice, but it could be mine. Check it out here:

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    One Wish...

    ...And that is they put the controls on the user side of the camera, the back.
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