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Thread: Yay! I've been looking forward to this!

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    Yay! I've been looking forward to this!

    What a pleasant surprise to see the new Photography page pop up! I have been green with envy following the previously posted threads. Hopefully now I can finally be shamed into throwing my photographic hat in the ring!

    Getting started. I have never really done much with a camera other than simple stuff with point and shoots. Right now I have a Kodak easy share CX 4200 digital camera. This past summer I started using it for photographing my rustic road signs for the Wisconsin competition. The camera tended to lose its' batteries while bouncing around in the saddle bag. I would like to see some recomendations for digital equipment geared toward the nOOb! Should I also be looking at a photograph specific printer? I also have a camera in my cell phone. Are these usable at all? I don't know how to load the images onto my computer so my only feedback is what I can make out on that tiny screen in the phone.

    Thanks! Geoff

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    I have a Nikon Coolpix 8700 or 8800, I forget. PIA camera. Can't take much in the way of jostling. We have to send it back to Nikon a second time for an adjustment.

    My other camera is an olympus FE-280. That one is nice. I like it a lot. It is the camera for the road. Fits in a small pocket. Easy to operate with gloves on. Shoots video and still. Really like that one.

    I have yet to use my photo-printer. Maybe used it once. It is just easier to upload to walmart or one of the pharmacies and let them print it and mail it back to me or I can pick it up in the store. Personally I wouldn't waste money on a photo printer.


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    Quote Originally Posted by GeoffMiller View Post
    What a pleasant surprise to see the new Photography page pop up! I have been green with envy following the previously posted threads. Hopefully now I can finally be shamed into throwing my photographic hat in the ring!
    Hey, me, too Geoff!

    Mad props to Kbasa for suggesting a photo thread so many months ago and especially to Rocketman for formally proposing what has finally come about. We sure appreciate the web team's confidence and support.

    Awesome (I think this is used correctly here, Lamble).

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    I've had pretty good luck with both my Sony Cyber-shots to date, a W-80 and W-100. The current one often rides in my tank bag or when on the LT in the littler pocket attached to the body work in the cut-out for my legs that's behind the vent that deflects the heat from the radiators. I imagine it gets jostled around pretty good in there, esp. since I have the rear shock set at its stiffest. The door has sometimes popped open, but the battery is held in place by an additional latch inside, and as yet it has never dropped out. You might want to look at that feature in other cameras.


    Oh, I forgot to add as to the question of getting a photo printer. I did get one just recently, an Epson 1400 at a good price. I got it since I am planning on doing some printing for profit as a side business and to have greater control of the printing process. One of the first things I've noted is the cost of ink. I did a lot of reading on what's out there, and different types of ink used, as well cost compared to sending it out. I would caution that you do the same before deciding to buy one.

    Factors to consider are, the cost of ink and paper, the time spent creating different profiles for the different papers (it really does make a big difference!) and how often you are going to print anything other than the standard 4x6 prints. Consider the resolution at which you want to print, the "standard" minimum seems to be 300 dpi and that can use a lot of ink! Also if you don't print very often then each time you turn on the printer it will go into a cleaning cycle which uses some ink, even before you print anything. A great source of info, as Tom will also atest to, is the Dgrin forums. Chances are it won't save you money so don't get one for that reason alone. Rather consider if your need is for greater control of the printing process. Bottom line, do your home work and consider it carefully before jumping in.
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