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Thread: Mileage Contest

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    Mileage Contest

    All forms are in, lets see how people did and what they did. I guess I am brave enough or stupid enough to start.
    23,448 miles total
    15,091 on the 02 GS which was every day use including work, camp out rally's with the guys, Colo. Pass Bagger, and GS rides with the wife (dirt roads etc.)
    8,357 miles with the RT which was trips with the wife, rallys with her, one 1,500 mile Iron Blutt, 100,000 foot ride with the Colorado BMW club.
    This was for Colorado so let me know your mileage and state.


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    Rally the troops

    A few miles over 20,000. Going to rallies really adds up the miles in the most pleasurable fashion. Next year ...

    • Americade
    • Airheads at Aerodrome
    • West Virginia
    • National Rally
    • Assorted Yankee Beemer Events
    • Finger Lakes
    • Vermont Rally

    And surely a few more will come along.
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    I forgot to get my form in on time. No big deal, I guess. There is always next year.

    I'm in the neighborhood of 13,000 miles for the year. Most on my R80, but I did get a few thousand on the GSPD I picked up at the end of August. I'd have more on the PD if it didn't come with a heap of issues. I guess it gives me something to do during the snowy months.

    I need more vacation time from work so I can get more miles in. That, or I need to retire.
    Josh Metzger - Toledo, OH
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    Sorry Josh

    My friends always tell me that I have nothing else to do but ride, that's why I have so many miles. Sometimes I forget people have to work full time. I teach 2 college classes a semester and that gives me plenty of time. No repairs on my bikes. I can rotate them in and out of the BMW shop for their maintenance. It helps when you have a wife that rides on the back, Iron Butt friends, rally friends and I get mileage for work outside of Canon City. Life is good!

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    I got my forms in... and only had a measly 5900 miles. I've never ridden so few miles for the contest before
    John A. Brown - Kalamazoo MI
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    Quote Originally Posted by wmubrown View Post
    I got my forms in... and only had a measly 5900 miles. I've never ridden so few miles for the contest before
    Awww, cheer up! I had to take the season off entirely. Other than nominal putts around piloting my husband's
    1200GS and my old R60, it was zero, zip, nada for me.
    Next year, however, is another story. Back to business as usual.
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    I got my forms in but forgot to write down my begining mileage. I think I ended up with only around 7500 miles this year due to massive home remodeling.

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