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Thread: The Subdude Roads of New England on the home page

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    The Subdude Roads of New England on the home page

    I don't usually check out the home page of the MOA site on my way to the forum.. Do You?

    Today I happened to glance at the home page before clicking through and saw this Web ride report called The Subdude Roads of New England. What a great report. All the things I love in a report. Great riding, great food and great music. Check it out.

    Web team- Great choice of content . Thanks and thanks to the author Dr. Richard J. Atkins (#93162) for sharing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by snoone View Post
    I don't usually check out the home page of the MOA site on my way to the forum.. Do You?
    It's my homepage on my home computer. Always something new going on. . . .

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    I did the Rt. 7 ride up Greylock with Bubba 2 years ago. Great report.

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    web content

    I'm glad you liked the Subdudes article. We're working to offer more original content via the website and the email newsletter feature. So keep checking the homepage. It's where we'll always post the latest news from BMW, new bikes, etc.

    And if anyone is interested in the monthly email newsletter, you can sign up on this page:

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    Editor, BMW Owners News
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    I also enjoyed the write-up yesterday. Thanks to Dr. Rich for sharing!
    Now I've got another band to look out for!

    I also browse the Flea Market and homepage regularly.

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    Subdude roads

    Nice article, great roads, neat places to stay at and a fine band. The subdudes play fairly regularly here in the northeast, often at smaller clubs and festivals. Check them out if you get the chance.

    I would book them at a National given the chance to do so.

    Ride fast safely

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