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Thread: Cyber Cafe and charging station makes the local news...

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    Cyber Cafe and charging station makes the local news...

    and its not in the police reports.....

    TOWN OF POLK - Virtual friendships had an opportunity to become real at the 35th annual BMW Motorcycle Owners of America Rally at Washington County Fair Park.

    They may have needed an extra satellite to support all of the electronic gadgetry packed in saddlebags and sidecars, but at least the neighboring hospital didnÔÇÖt file any reports of electrical interference.

    A room off the pavilionÔÇÖs main entrance was labeled "Cyber Caf?® " and a charging station table inside was littered with cell phones, cameras, iPods and MP3 players, computer batteries and global positioning system modules - enough to stock a Best Buy.

    "BMW riders are gadget people," said Mark Krause, a volunteer who manned the charging station. "Their bikes are on the leading edge of technology; they were the first bikes with (anti-lock braking systems). It makes sense their riders would be the first ones to buy iPhones."

    Calvin Miller of Abingdon, Va. is traveling light - with his cell phone, iPod, digital camera and GPS.

    He also brought along his laptop.

    "ItÔÇÖs a good way to communicate with my wife," he said.

    Nuri Wernick and her husband Michael had bike-to-bike communicators installed on their cycles at the rally.


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    That same 8-year old kid was in the Cyber Cafe for 72 hours straight. He should be corralled to run the place next year.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hodag View Post
    and its not in the police reports.....
    I told you that bribes could work wonders.
    Pass the mustard and UP THE REVOLUTION!

    St. Paul Pioneer Press , Minneapolis Star Tribune

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hodag View Post
    and its not in the police reports.....

    "Appleton man goes nuts after 4 hours volunteering at charging station claiming brawt and beer withdrawals."

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    Here's Hodag at the Charging Station. This was Thursday morning and there wasn't much charging there.

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    I'm just glad she used my ABS (anti-lock braking systems) analogy rather than the canbus system which took way too long to explain and confused the poor reporter almost to tears. Then again I may have burped a few times, so I'm not really sure what really brought the tears to her eyes....

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