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Thread: R1100RS needs tank bag

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    R1100RS needs tank bag

    I am looking for a good fitting tank bag for my 1100RS,non-magnetic since tank is non metal.Been looking at all the different web sites and a clear winner did not appear.Looking for something not too big,easy on/off,durable that will not ruin the tank.Need it mostly for day-trips.I do not know if all have a base that stays attached to the tank when bag is off the bike.What are the favorite bags used by this group and why?Thanks for all input,Karsten in Mobile

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    a friend has this bag on his and i always thought it was pretty cool. big mak.

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    RS tank bags

    I have had a Big Mak on both R11's we've had. If flips up for refueling, doesn't touch the tank, just works. In fact, I've got two in the garage I need to sale.

    I currently have a SW Moto tank bag on my GT from I like them a little better.
    Rob Lessen

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    tank bag

    Marsee really makes a nice product.
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