Montana! Gravelly Range Road and more?

Montana's roads and spaces are always exciting times especially when weather cooperating, none above 80.

Gravelly Range Road has been on top my list of favorites for a long time now and these days has been no exception. Combined with a new camping spot by Varney Bridge, about 10 miles from Ennis, and that does it for us spending over a week with a great base camp.

The sunsets have been exceptional. The photos are in the Journal. No doubt one can understand why it is here called the "Big Skies". They are indeed huge with a feel of being enveloped by them. This summer is continuing being good to us.

In the meantime I am also trying to let our Friends [you!] know about the release of our book "Freedom on Both Ends of the Leash". There are no funds for marketing, so doing the best I can and spreading the word will always be a plus. I actually received an incredible comment the other day:

"Could this book surpass the reality of "Ghost Rider"? Could it be the modern updated" Travels with Charley " and" Blue Highways "? Yes on all counts. A must read. Even more than once."

Of course as everything else, it is a matter of taste!

We will be pushing Northwest next week, we have to be in Portland by the 31st while we will be traveling a while with our Editor and showing her some of this beautiful country.

Thank You always for your support.

Till next time.

Stay well.

Ara and Spirit

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