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Thread: NY to see the Alamo

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    NY to see the Alamo

    Trip calendar August 29 to September 7. Preparation started with a service at MAX BMW on the LT with 2 upgrades Ohlins shocks and replace NAV 3 with NAV 5. 9 nights on the road 14 states and 3883 miles. Hotel cost rounded up $1100.00. Fuel $315.00. States passed through in order NY PA OH KY TN AR TX LA MS AL GA TN VA WV MD PA NY. Riding gear was Olympia, rain in TN any KY was easier to handle than heat in traffic dashboard thermometer read 100 degrees. I found soaking T-Shirt under riding jacket with vents open worked very well.....and drink water. My Passenger wife is awesome at records cost, fuel, reservations and navigation. A BIG difference with NAV 5 is I can un-mount it hand it to her she can re-program, hand it back I re-mount and continue. We use Nolan helmets with intercoms. Her microphone had a bad connection and had to be in just the right position to maintain contact.....annoying but handled, to be repaired. Otherwise motorcycle ran perfect Thanks MAX. We always pick a Hotel that served free breakfast and was very accommodating to motorcycles.
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    Excellent, glad to hear all went well and all's safe.... pic's?
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    I hope you enjoyed our great state of Texas. Summers in San Anton are brutal but hope you enjoyed some of the local food and color of the city.

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