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Thread: Hard bags, et al...

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    Hard bags, et al...

    I want to upgrade from the system cases that I have on my '02 R1150R.
    The system cases are a bit flimsy and they leak. They are about a year old.

    Jesse? Other Names?

    What do you use? What do you like about them?
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    Check out my thread on R1200GS panniers. I am in the process of getting a bike right now but I looked at a few bag websites and got some input from owners.

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    I like my Happy Trails paniers, but they are aluminum and probably wouldn't look great on anything but a GS.
    Check out Micatech, too.

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    Givi makes bags and mounts for almost all models of BMW. I've used the same set of bags on 3 different bikes over the last 10 years. Waterproof even here in the Greyt Northwet.


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    powder coat to match

    Get some big ol bags and then PC to match or compliment the bike. Should give you 3x the room, and look good. I don't like the givi side bags b/c they are basically clamshells too. The top load holds much more. A givi top box is hard to beat though.

    I saw a HD full dresser with Happy Trails and the bags lookd fine.


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