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Thread: Fog Measures?

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    Thanks for sharing

    Thank you all for sharing some good experience. My major concern was just seeing the road THROUGH THE VISOR. That seems to remain an issue until technology comes up with a heated visor. Seems outlandish but then there are now airbags on motorcycles.

    I had overlooked being seen at all so those suggestions were almost helpful.

    Thanks especially to the West Coast riders who seem to deal with this issue on a daily basis.
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    Quote Originally Posted by KBasa
    I ride in fog from time to time, here in the foggy bay area.

    I wear Held gloves that have a little visor wiper built into the left index finger. I won't buy gloves without them any more.

    Also, headlight on low beam, fog lights, if you've got them, on. And remember, fog lights need to be low to shine under the fog. Put them up high and they don't work.
    +1 for the little wiper built in thingy in the fog, +2 for held gloves

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    I seem to remember that some snowmobile outfitters had heated visors several years ago. Maybe Dennis Kirk?
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    Quote Originally Posted by KBasa
    Uh, the Fog City works on the inside. A good fog bank makes the outside of your shield wet in a way that's very different than rain.
    Doh! Next time I be reading better.

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    Quote Originally Posted by KBasa
    I wear Held gloves that have a little visor wiper built into the left index finger. I won't buy gloves without them any more.
    Rider's Wearhouse sells packs of 3 different sizes. I think <$10.

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    Slow to a speed that suits your visibility and the visibility of the person that may hit you from behind if you are too slow. Wear gear that can be seen, even if it is an add-on vest or belt/tabard, the built in wipers in the Held gloves are great but a wiper of any brand is advantageous, low beam on the headlights and if you have them turn on the fog lights as they diffuse the light nicely to prevent bounce-back.

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