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Thread: The Jetsons

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    The Jetsons

    Did anyone else notice the sign on the left side of the road on Route 108 heading back to the rally site? It was a painted sign with the entire Jetson's cartoon character cast. I should have taken a photo.

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    I did. It made the list of "things you don't see everyday".

    Along with a camel in a field, whale tales on a hillside and a poodle wearing pink goggles riding in a back pack strapped to a harley rider.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Newstar
    a poodle wearing pink goggles riding in a back pack strapped to a harley rider.
    I'd argue that's pretty common among Harley riders !!!

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    Question Dam Store

    Quote Originally Posted by Statdawg
    I think on 7 North of Burlington near a Dam I saw a store that was named "The Dam Store". Now I know people have said certain member's of their family get mad because someone's is alway's at the "Dam Store". I think I need to see the Dam place and see why everyone likes to shop at the "Dam Store".
    I've got to go to the Dam Store and get a picture. Was that in Milton? I never ride Rt7!

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    Dam Site

    Had a pastor once whose license plate read, "DamSite". The message on his answering machine was, " little church by a Dam Site."

    Just a little dam humor...

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